Sunday, November 21, 2010

My life right now I think

Life is good so don't wast it. Mine is heading a good direction I have my set my heart on being a vet when I get older but who knows I chang my mind allot, some times to much.
   My doggy is doing good and she has growin so much you can't tell it's her.Goofy Missy Ooops.
   I remeber a year ago I had posted about having my first game ever, one year later and the team finally wins a game.Ya I said it 2 years without winning a game and then we won two in a row.
   Also during this busy weekend I went to Red Lobster and I loved it.(even though it was my secend time) I had a endless variety of sea food(no fish), lots of crab legs, a lobster tail,and my favorite shrimp, shrimp scampti.
   We also where going to see the new Harry Potter movie in I-max, but I stared getting closter phobic( I think thats how ya spell it), so we didn't end up seeing it. Instead we went in to theater 11 and were going to see Skyline, but sence it was 8:30 and I had 3 games that weekend we decided to go home right after the movie started. TALK ABOUT LOL.
   All I can say now is that I want to go to bed. Well nigh night, sleep tight, and don't let the bed bugs bite


Made sime canges to my blog I think it all blends now.